About RUC

Developer of Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
a prospective charter school for urban young men
in Richmond, Virginia.

Our Collective Values.

Action • Courage • Connectivity • Compassion • Creativity • Excellence Health • Humor • Integrity • Justice • Regalement • Solidarity • Sustainable Development

Our Motto.

Sic itur ad astra, is also the motto of Richmond, Virginia, hometown of prospective Metropolitan Preparatory Academy.

Our Slogan.

“We believe!”, is the common thread linking us to Urban Prep Academies and The Eagle Academy for Young Men, our forerunners and, both, premier public schools for urban young men.

Our Collective Mission.

Aligned with our vision, Richmond Urban Collective operates to develop the Metropolitan Preparatory Academy, a new public, non-sectarian, college and career preparatory charter school for young men. The open-enrollment school is being designed to give urban males in grades 6-12 – especially those for whom a private education may be unaffordable – the opportunity for a college and career preparatory education. Our goal is to create an engaging environment that enhances the learning experience, maximizes academic performance, and molds youth into global citizens set on a clear path to graduation, matriculation, and vocation.

Our Collective Vision.

Richmond Urban Collective (RUC) —a collaboration of local business, civic, education and youth development leaders in Richmond, Virginia—believes the contributions of young urban males to be key to sustainable development in our town, in our country and around the globe. In order to have more urban males significantly engaged in our communities, we must better prepare them for personal success in college, work, and life. Our vision is a city and a world in which urban males from low-wealth backgrounds are contributing their skills, knowledge, gifts, and resources within the global community in meaningful ways.

Our Motto.

Sic Itur Ad Astra (“Thus do we reach the stars.”)